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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do your services work?

A:  A:  It’s simple!  Just fill out the required information in the Get a Quote section or click on your preferred pixie planner and email them directly via the link on their page. Once received, an agent will respond to you within 48 hours with best prices and options for your family! You can also email an agent directly by clicking the email or Facebook link on their page. 


Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Planning services are free!  Clients receive the same pricing for resorts, tickets, or packages that you see on the consumer site, which already has the cost of using a travel planner built in. Booking through one of our planners gets you the added benefit of having someone help you plan your trip.


Q: If planning is free, then how do you get paid?

A: Commission is paid for by the company you choose to travel with. For example, if you book a Disney trip using a travel planner, Disney pays the commission, just like if you chose a Royal Caribbean Cruise, Royal Caribbean would pay us the commission after you travel.

Q: Do I have to pay upfront for my vacation?

A: The deposit requirements are set by the resorts and cruise lines. Rates may vary based on the package you selected. That deposit would be made by Ticket-To-Ride, Inc. directly to the company.  This way you are assured your deposit is applied directly to your vacation at the time of payment. After the deposit is made you can continue to make payments until the final payment is due, which is again based on the company you choose to travel with. 


Q: If I book a vacation and a discount is offered through Disney, can you apply it after booking?

A: YES!  At Ticket-To-Ride, Inc., we are constantly checking for new discounts and offers to save our clients money!  If a new discount is released and it applies to your vacation, I will call and apply the discount for you. This is applicable for Disney, however may not apply to all vacation packages. 


Q: Can you plan my itinerary if I don't book through you?

A: At this time, our planning services are reserved for clients only.


Q: Why should I use your services?

A:  There are so many reasons to use a Ticket-To-Ride, Inc travel planner!  Your travel advisor will help to answer all of your questions from booking dining, airport transfers, excursions, and plan customized itineraries based on what best fits your needs. Bookings will be monitored to apply discounts when applicable. And you get all of our knowledge about the location you choose to travel to.

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with a pixie planner?

A: Go to the page of pixie planner of your choice and click the envelope icon to send them a direct message. Or you can fill out the Get a Quote form and a pixie planner will be assigned for you. 

Q: Do you only book Disney locations?

A: No, we have many pixie planners that specialize in other destinations. Please visit the destinations page to see available options.

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