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Be My Guest Zuly

Zulneidis Alicea

Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Zuly loves spreading pixie dust on clients, especially around the holidays. Choosing a favorite holiday to celebrate in Disney is difficulty Zuly, because she loves them all! Celebrating Halloween with the villians and seeing snow on Main Street are both magical in their own ways. Dole whip, hands down, is Zuly’s favorite Disney dessert an she has to get one on every visit. 

As a former single mom, Zuly can give insider info on traveling with kids and making the most beautiful memories. She can also give all the tips on finding the best merch! From spirit jerserys to Loungefly bags to Disney themed jewelry, Zuly knows where all the best places to shop are located.  

Ariel is a character that Zuly most identifies with because of her bubbly, adventurous, artistic, and caring personality. She is also hardworking, compassionate, and independent like Cinderella.

If you are looking for a Spanish speaking travel advisor, Zuly is one of our Pixie Planners that is fluent in Spanish! 

"If you dream it, you can do it!"

- Walt Disney

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